Happy Hour & Open Paint at OTR
Happy Hour Bar Specials and Open Paint! Select from our NEW CRAFT MENU!!! Price includes one of the following with several upgrades available: Canvas 1-16x20 2-6x6 1-9x12 1-10x10 1-10x30 (18x24 additional $10 at the door) Wine Bottle Painting 1-Wine Bottle plus any decorations Jewelry 2 sets of Earrings 1 Bracelet additional $5 at the door 1 Bracelet & 1 set of Earrings additional $10 at the door Wood Planks and signs coming soon!
5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
$20.00 Per Seat

To register online, please enter the following information below, including credit card information. Evening sessions are recommended for adults only. Adolescents 16 or older are welcome with adult painters.

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